Initiate Immigration – About Us

The South African immigration landscape comes with unique challenges. These challenges range from sudden changes of immigration regulations to severe backlogs in visa processing.

Solid experience, good standing with authorities in South Africa and overseas, as well as legal backup when needed is crucial to be able to succeed in today’s dynamic environment.

Because great minds think alike, recruitment giant Initiate International has partnered with IMCOSA in order to let clients tap into a full range of relocation related products. The key is to offer our clients not only assistance with immigration and visas, but expertise when it comes to working and living in South Africa.

With over 80 years combined immigration experience and years of recruitment expertise in a variety of sectors including foreign language, you can relax knowing that you are in good hands.

Here is why you should contact us today to discuss your requirements:

  • Unparalleled Experience: With over 80 years combined experience you know you’re getting an immigration partner that knows the workings of the industry, inside and out.
  • Peace of Mind: We have a 95% success rate since 2005, giving you a decade of assurance we know how to get the desired result.
  • A Powerful Network: We have excellent relationships with government authorities; are members of the Immigration Advisory Board; and enjoy co-leadership of various professional associations.
  • We are highly qualified and accredited: We have three FIPSA registered immigration practitioners based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • Specialised Legal Representation: We will provide and facilitate legal consultation and representation if the need arises.
  • We Speak Your Language: We have multi-lingual service staff available for you.
  • We help you with your Career: We have a sister business which specialises in recruitment, across a variety of sectors including foreign language recruitment.