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Check your permit status on the Department of Home Affairs website | Notice Oct 2013

There are four ways to check up on the status of your permit/visa application.

1) Check your permit status on the Department of Home Affairs website

Did you know you can check your permit status on the Department of Home Affairs website using your reference number?

Follow the link to the Department of Home Affairs website:

 check permit status

2) Phone the Department of Home Affairs call centre

The Department of Home Affairs call centre can be reached under 0800 601 190. The call centre will not only tell you what the status of your application is, you will also be able to leave notes for the official in charge of your permit application. Make sure you have your reference number handy starting with 1000.

3) Visit one of the Department of Home Affairs offices

If you prefer to speak to a “real person” you can visit one of the Department of Home Affairs offices. Make sure you go there early, ideally before the doors open (which is 7.30 am in most cases). In order to check up on your permit status you need your passport and the receipt of your visa application.

4) Pay an immigration agency to check the permit status for you

If you are already working with a professional immigration agency, you can relax as you will be getting regular updates from your dedicated immigration consultant. Alternatively, we can follow up on your behalf. Please understand that we will charge a small service fee to assist. Should you wish to have Initiate Immigration follow up on your behalf, please send us your personal details to forward an invoice for payment.

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  1. Please help me. My passport number is BN676577 and the reference of my application is 1000959136 which I submitted on 11/11/2013. When I check the application status through, the application has been finalised. When I check by my regional office they are saying the application was received by the adjucation hub on 11/12/2013 and is still with them pending. When I a difference in status I was advised the http://www.dha checking system faulty. So please I don’t know which is the correct status of my application.

    Sorry for any inconvinience caused.

    • Hi and thank you for your message. If you have not used an immigration service for your application, I would suggest phone the Department of Home Affairs call centre. They will be able to check your profile and check what the status of your permit currently is and if you are able to fetch the permit from Home Affairs. If you don’t come right please contact us on 021 488 9800. I hope this helps. Best of luck!

  2. Since from last year i applied spousal permit for my wife,i did not receive reference,i am still wondering how long this is going to take.this is her passport number RA322391

    • Hi Tefo, if you have not applied for your permit through an immigration service, your best bet will be to phone the Department of Home Affairs call centre on 0800 60 1190 or use their status check functionality on the DHA website. If you don’t come right please give us a ring on 021 488 9800. Have a good day.

  3. dear sir,

    i am planning to buy a house in cape town at table view. but, i need some information about the rules and regulations. i have called a recruitment agencies to find the job but they said to have a job i need a permanent residency. to have a permanent residency i need to find a job. kindly, i need your guidence.

    thank you,

    best regards

    nabil asghar

    mobile number: 00966564711038


  4. hello i apply student permit from june2013,i recive the message to the home affair from jully 17-2013 reference number is 1000901716 my passport number is 01539495. From now not thing i whant to know if that information i recive is reelly.ten

    • Hi, thank you for your message. Please kindly let us know if you have applied for your permit through an immigration agency. Should you be uncertain about your permit status you are welcome to phone the Department of Home Affairs call centre on 0800 60 1190 or use the online status check on their website. If you require further assistance with your permit please give us a ring on 021 488 9800. I hope this helps. Have a good day!

  5. To whom it may concern,
    I applied for a work permit through the agency ( Fresh hope migration and tours)in August 2013. it was submitted to home affairs on the 27th of august and my application number is 1000921649. every time I check for the application status on this website it tells me that the application was submitted to the office. its now going to 6 months without getting a feed back from home affairs. can somebody enlighten me on this issue please. am getting desperate.

    • Hi, trust me I understand your frustration. Have you contacted your immigration service? Immigration services usually compile your application and follow up with the Department of Home Affairs to achieve a favourable outcome. Feel free to give us a ring 021 488 9800 to discuss a possible solution. Have a good day.

  6. i applied for permanent resident permit through witbank home affairs on the 7th of january 2013.wat surprises me is that other colleages of mine who applied later some six month have thier applications proceesed aand mine is still pending saying being processed when i check with the witbank home affairs.what i dont know is my application still being processed or they got lost along the passport number is bn818196 and my ref no is 100072472.
    your assistance with this matter will be highly appreciated.

  7. sory ref no is 1000792472

  8. Thank you so much for your assisstance but unfortunately i checked with the witbank home affairs late and i discovered that my application was rejected citing reasons that i did not include a poice clearance from south africa.surprisingly i submiited all my documents and later got an email that the police clearance was not there.i did anothe one and then i send it to witbank so i think they misplaced my is it wise for me to appleal or to start afresh. my name gurumani crispen ref no 1000792472
    thank you for your advice in advance.

  9. Dear Sir/Madam

    Could you please assist me to this application,since my family they’re applied for permanent resident 2010 until today 2014 no results for from the head office in pretoria.
    Every time the springs home Affairs always saying your application was received by the head office and still with them pending. Our reference number is 1000077147 all mostly four years.

    Kindly regards

    Dr Moses Lomo

  10. Hi, my name is Adnan Saad passport no is KH600462 and Ref no is 1000994172. Can you tell me what is status for my work permit. Please reply me

    • Good day, if you have applied for your work permit through an immigration agency I suggest phone them and ask them to check up on your permit status on your behalf. If you have applied for your permit yourself please phone the Department of Home Affairs call centre: 0800 601 190. Should you wish to use our services, please send us your contact details via email to and we will gladly help you. Please understand that we do charge a small service fee to do so. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Claire

  11. hi, as i have applied for general work permit renewal on 1 st july 2013 i m still waiting for ooutcome. Permit enquiry mail is faulty now daays. My passport no is f7340826 and ref. No is 1000896216: please may u help to get information.


    • Hi, thank you for your enquiry. According to the DHA website, your permit status is: “Code = 101 : Processing at Head Office”. Please let us know if we can follow up on your permit status on your behalf. Please note this involves a small fee. Claire

  12. I applied for a change of study permit because I did a short course in stellenbosch university but now am in cput…I havnt gotten any message from home affairs since december that I applied and am not being able to track it I need ur help…tracking number…1001007629 and passport number A04196985.Thanks in anticipation.

  13. Hi my name is Orphee,i apply for a study permit on the 19th december 2013. i travel to my country with the receipt of my application and when i came back the immigration at the OR Tambo airport told me that my application is not on the system. and they ask me to go back and wait for my application to be on the syste. could you please help me to know how far my application is,thx.

  14. i applied for a quota work permit through the South African Embassy in Zimbabwe. i submitted all the requirements on the 19th of december 2013. i was informed that i should check after a month. i checked after a month and was told everything was in order except that they have suspended processing the work permits till march. they allowed me to widthdraw my passport just to enable me to travel. i had already emailed my cvs to prospective employers and i have attended interviews. i have found employment but the permit remains the hurdle. can i get an help from within South Africa.

    • Good day, I have passed on your enquiry to our immigration team, who will get in touch with you. We will be able to assist you in South Africa and can apply for the permit on your behalf. Thanks. C

  15. Hi,it’s Orphee again.I went to that site you proposed to me.And when i put my passport number they say “not found”. Im a student and im already supposed to be in school,so help me.

  16. Hi,cud you pls tell me what does code 103 processing at head office mean.i recently checked my status and it reflect frustrated after waiting for quoata permit since last yr may 16.
    Thank u in advance

    • Good day, processing at head office means your application has arrived in Pretoria and is being processed. Please send us an email to if you would like us to follow up on your permit. Please understand that this involves a small fee. Regards, Claire

  17. Hi I keep checking for my permit application status through the dha website but it says “application not found” . I have also entered a passport number for someone who already has a work permit and it says the same thing. Is their status check system working?

    • Hi Thando, thank you for your message. It is working. I suggest use the reference number of your permit application. This number usually starts with 1000
      I hope this helps. Have a great day!

  18. Hi. Please help me. I applied for a work permit in 2010 ,the DZP’s . I submited everything required. They rejected it because they said there is no passport copy of which i submitted also with other documents. Well, isubmitted again another copy and all along when i went to check they would say its pending upto last year 2013 when the told me to reapply. They took me fingerprints and i submitted together with other documents in November last year and they gave me another receipt. Today i went there for collection and they told me it was rejected in 2012. Now really i dont know what to do because i resubmitted in November.My no is 1000537807

    • Hi, thank you for your enquiry. Sounds like you have been to hell and back. I am very sorry. I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you. In your case I really suggest to work with a professional immigration agency. I have forwarded your enquiry to our immigration practitioners. Best regards, Claire

  19. I kindly want to know if department of home affairs is done with permanent residency,when will it start adjudicating temporary residency.i applied for quota permit last yr,stil no reference is 1000879459:


  20. What is the current backlog state at home affairs.i applied for quota permit and still no reference number is 1000879459.have they started focusing on work permits now.

  21. hi , i would like you to assist me regarding my permi residence which i did apply last year 18 april 2012 trough my son who is south african citizen,at this stage don’t know what to do, i did call home affairs call centre told me the outcome of my application been approved may go for collection at office where appkication was submitted and have reference for the call, i did actually go to home affairs but my suprise the officier told me that it is to early i must come two month time and i di told him that call centre told me h been process already should come collecf it but officer keep telling me come two months time to early, on my wah home did call again call centre home affiairs still confirming my application been process and have rich office since first february 2014 . the think. happen my study permit have expeired last year decembre thought my permit could have my permit. and didn’t think extend since apply for permiit. i. came. to you for your assistance because. ii am. really frustrrated. with this situation. been going up and down there with myd. those friends not friendly very roud to you. may you assist me in my case or what can you suggested me do at this stage .
    Thank you.

  22. Please I really need your assistance, I applied for a voluntary work permit since September 9th last year, and up till now I haven’t gotten any positive information. And the worst of the whole situation, I forgot to request for the reference number to enable me check on the status of my application. need your advise and assistance in this matter.


    Charles Amakor

  23. This is my Ref: 1000633912 – waybill 288849052

    • Hi, according to the online status update, the status of your visa application is as follows: Code = 105 : Go Collect Outcome at Office of Application. Good luck! Claire

  24. Hi..I have been really in a serious Struggle to chec k the correspondence of my permit.I applied for it in 2013 march,I got da reference number but till now I haven’t informed wether its ready or notmso I wana check if my reference number is real or wether my permit was submited. what can I do to approve the reference number?

    • Hi and thank you for your enquiry. If you have not applied for your visa through an immigration agency, your best bet would be to phone the Department of Home Affairs call centre on: 0800 60 1190 and ask them about the status of your visa. Alternatively our immigration team can check on the status of your visa on your behalf and keep you informed about progress. This involves a small fee. To make use of this service please send your details including full name, ID and reference number to Claire

  25. I Claire,

    just email you copy my passport and reference has you requested in your mail.

    Thank you.

  26. seems most applications have been processed.but mine still pending.applied fr last yr may 16. I have made numerous resubmission thru office of application.what do u suggest i can u help me now and cost please.its urgent

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